Consultation FREE

1 Dog 1 Hour Walk £12.50

2 Dogs 1 Hour Walk £17.00

For additional dogs from the same household, add £3 per dog

All dependent upon my work load, your dog(s) will be walked in a group of up to four dogs*.  

Pick up/drop off transportation in a purpose built ex-police dog van to the walking location is included in the price. I prefer to walk my group of dogs over the fields away from the more popular walking sites.

Your dog will receive an hour’s exercise. Transportation is free additional time.

Your dog may be able to be walked off lead all dependent upon the following

  • Your written permission**
  • My assessment of their recall ability.
  • Once your dog and I have built up a good rapport together.

*On rare occasions this might be a group of five dogs. Circumstances that predict this will be; 

  • that the dogs are really established with each other
  • certain breeds just ‘gel’ well together, e.g. domestic (show) cockers and cockerpoos.

All new clients will need to undergo a free consultation.  This involves an informal chat and filling in the paperwork.  This includes 3 forms

  • Your personal details
  • Your dog(s) personal details
  • Veterinary details

In addition to the general Cockers and Squatters Facebook page, you have the choice of joining the “secret group” page. A page specifically set up for only my customers to see. Here you will be able to see where your dog(s) have been and who they’ve been on their walk with.

Individual walks can be catered for outside of peak times i.e. up until and from 2.30pm onwards.

Available Monday to Friday. Weekend walks by prior arrangement only.


1 Dog 1 Hour’s Training £20.00

Want to fit in the training but can’t find a class to suit your needs?  Whether it’s a case of shift work prohibiting your efforts, or you’d like to train your dog as a family – why not book a trainer?

Booking your own “personal dog training instructor” is an ideal way to commence training your dog.  After all, where’s the first place you need your dog to behave?

There are numerous advantages to starting your training at home;

  • You can begin training as soon as you bring your puppy home – it’s never too early. Learn how to teach your puppy obedience commands through play
  • If you have adopted a dog, this may be a useful bonding tool whilst you both become acquainted.  It enables you to gauge your dog’s personality and capabilities
  • Your dog is used to, comfortable and feels safe in their own surroundings
  • You and your dog are learning together with minimal external distractions
  • Less distraction means less confusion and faster learning mainly for your dog, but for you as well.  Keep it simple…. Less is more!
  • You are building confidence and a rapport together before transferring and utilizing your newly acquired skills outside in your back garden and/or other environments further afield
  • Realising the importance of play in between periods of training
  • Equipping yourself with the training techniques/tools that work specifically for you and your dog.  Some dogs prefer “toy play” as their reward, whilst others (mine included!) like to work for the “food lottery” reward
  • Being able to learn together at your own pace
  • Including your children in learning dog training techniques
  • Helping to make your child/children aware that dog ownership responsibilities involves them too
  • Helping to teach your child/children to respect the four legged member(s) of the household and vice-versa
  • To give your children the confidence in issuing basic commands to their pet
  • Ensuring the whole family is aware of the need to use conformity and consistency in their training methods e.g. using exactly the same word command for each action wanted i.e. “sit”, “down”, “stand”, “off” etc. Equally to realise the importance of using the same word for praise i.e. “good”, or reprimand, “no”. Also, for the family to be mindful of using similar tones when issuing commands, praise or voice correction
  • Receiving instant corrective professional instructor guidance if/when needed
  • Receiving individual attention means that you are able to ask questions and seek help and advice on the spot as we go
  • Help and advice given for common behaviour problems
  • You are paying specifically for a bespoke training programme
Pet Taxi

£20 Per Hour, then £5 per each additional ¼ hour thereafter

Unable to take your dog/pet to your local vet’s? I can do this for you.

This service is only available outside of peak times i.e. up until 10am/from 3pm onwards.

Please note – My insurance only covers the transportation of your pet.

Trike Running

£20 Per Hour

This is an ideal way to exercise energetic dogs and dogs that cannot be let off the lead.

Using my recumbent trike greatly increases stability and being in control of running your dog so that they can safely let off steam along the national cycle paths!

Please note – This service is only available to dogs over 12 months old.